Kristin Bauer could play the next lesbian vampire on “True Blood”


Last week, True Blood creator Alan Ball talked with The Advocate about future gay characters on the hit HBO series. The show has already featured a handful of queer characters, including Vampire Queen Sophie-Ann (Evan Rachel Wood, her lover Hadley (Lindsey Haun), the fabulous fry cook/drug dealer Lafayette and season 1’s Eddie.

Ball said:

We’ll be meeting the vampire king of Mississippi and his long, long-term companion — and by long-term I mean really long-term — Talbot. I think Lafayette may meet a love interest, and certainly Pam, who works with Eric, she’s certainly got a lesbian vibe — I don’t know that that’s all she is, but she certainly does seem to appreciate the women.

Pam is played by Kristin Bauer, who serves as Eric’s wingwoman at the vampire bar, Fangtasia. Her interests included fancy pumps, showing no mercy and now, apparently, the bar maid, Ginger.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Bauer said about Pam going for women. “I think she’s pansexual. … There are so many hot [women on the show], but I’ll pick Ginger. Ginger’s hot. Ginger’s fun. She’s a screamer and she’s a blood donor.”

Ginger, being put to work

As for Sophie-Ann, Ball said that there will be something between her and her lover’s cousin Sookie, but it’s most likely platonic:

I think Sophie-Anne is definitely interested in Sookie; I don’t believe it’s for sexual or romantic reasons but she is definitely interested in Sookie and whatever it is about Sookie that is special beyond the realm of what is human, and that’s something that we definitely will learn more about in the upcoming season.

I am so psyched on season 3, especially if it’s going to be super-Sapphic. Do you get the lesbian vibe from Pam?

I have since she first laid eyes on Sookie — but then again, everyone seems to have eyes for that girl.

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