RachelWatch: Haunted Senate


Today: Liz Cheney is witchy and Joe Lieberman still walks among the Democrats.


Rachel started us off with the news that Senator Joe Lieberman (I – Connecticut until you good people of the Nutmeg State vote him the hell out) has announced that in 2010 he may campaign for Republican candidates. Again.

It’s like he’s 12 and testing limits to see what he can get away with.

On the other hand, it’s not like Democrats have set any. Taking away his chairmanships will help you feel like better parents, Democrats, I promise.

At least one good thing has come out of this: A new episode of Rachel Maddow Strained Metaphor Theater. In rhyme, no less!

And at least Lieberman had enough fun in him to celebrate Halloween. I have it on good authority he went as a troll. A concern troll.

One More Thing:

As we all know, ‘round about Halloween, unpleasant things simply will not stay dead. Or debunked.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell revived deatherism as a special treat for us all, busting out his Ouija board and raising the specter of “delays” and “denial of care” in the U.K. where, as we all know, everyone is dead.

Cheney, Inc.

Rachel proved once again that she was braver than any of us by taking a lantern and some silver bullets over to the Ancient Crypt of the Cheneys.

Liz Cheney’s foul and sulfurous emissions took on a new tone as she switched from stirring up a blend of inaccuracies and questionable statements to flat-out, appalling, inexcusable lying.

The Shrillest Cheney criticized President Obama’s trip to the Dover Air Base to pay tribute to fallen American soldiers by implying that Obama was doing it for the glitz and showmanship of it all, and saying that former President Bush did it without cameras.

Bush, of course, did no such thing at all, cameras or no, and in fact did his level best to block images of fallen American soldiers so people wouldn’t think about the awful consequences of the war he started under false pretenses.

I wonder if Liz Cheney’s conscience is able to make tiny yipping noises when she’s this evil, or if she drowned it in a washtub long ago.

Rachel ran through a quick roster of Liz Cheney’s other lies, which she charitably called “wrong” instead of, you know, LIES, and then moved on to the elder Cheney and his sudden, inexplicable memory loss during testimony.

Dick Cheney is unable to recognize his own handwriting. Sounds like it’s time to put him in a place where he’ll be looked after and can’t stray too far or hurt himself.

Like jail.

No Man’s War

Hillary Clinton toured Pakistan last week, and it turns out the locals are surprisingly unenthusiastic about the armed, flying, not entirely accurate killer robots.

Rachel welcomed Jonathan Turley of George Washington University to talk about whether this is legal in the first place.

Ms. Information

Rachel casually and beautifully shot down the Saint Reagan myth after noting that Doug Hoffman, the Conservative candidate running against a Republican candidate in New York’s District 23 Congressional race, calls himself a “Reagan Republican.”

She also reported that Mikhail Gorbachev said that George H. W. Bush was perhaps not as huge a fan of Reagan as one might think; Gorbachev claimed that Bush said “all the blockheads and dummies” were for Reagan.

I don’t know if it’s more shocking that Bush broke from the fold or that he is apparently a Peanuts character.

Rachel then revealed that she has had the distinct honor of being attacked by lawyer, dentist, and Queen Birther Supreme Orly Taitz – along with Bill O’Reilly and someone named “Keith Obertmann.”

I think Taitz might have a point. I’d always heard that Rachel might be secretly Canadium.

Time for a Landlocked Godzilla Movie

Rachel reported that the EPA has taken over the city of Treece, Kansas (and is relocating the residents) due to a “unique and urgent threat” from pollution.

So we, the people, now own a small, massively polluted ghost town.

Sounds like the most badass paintball course ever: Defeat the other team before you grow an extra limb.

Moment of Geek

Did your Qwerty keyboard just buy a Hummer and start wearing Ed Hardy T-shirts? It might be feeling a little inadequate.

Rachel and BoingBoing.net’s Xeni Jardin filled us in on the next leap in domain names.

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