Dichen Lachman enjoys being a doll


I have to say that I didn’t think I could love Dollhouse more. But Friday’s episode left me speechless. “Belonging” was easily the most emotionally compelling episode of Dollhouse so far. And a big reason was its featured doll, Dichen Lachman’s Sierra.

Sierra’s back-story is one I’ve been anxious to learn and Joss Whedon certainly did the enigmatic character justice. He also gave Lachman a chance to show us her acting talent — which is substantial.

The LA Times talked to Lachman about her role on Dollhouse. Here are some highlights.

On the Sierra-centric episode:

[The episode] was such a dream come true and was such a challenge. I’ve never had to do things like that before. It was more than I could’ve asked for as an actor to have so many different things to achieve in one episode. But I’d like to see her get even stronger and even more empowered.

On whether she (Dichen) is like Priya (her character’s pre-Dollhouse identity):

I am and Priya is very free-spirited and artistic, and in that way, very similar. As far as traits, [the writers have] said before to me, ‘Listen, we want Priya to be as much like you as you can possibly make her’ which is a challenge because I’m actually quite uncomfortable being myself on camera. I’m very awkward and I’d much rather pretend to be someone else.

On a specific assignment she’d like for Sierra:

I’d like to kick some serious [butt] like Eliza gets to do! To do lots of stunts and fast-moving action stuff. Only because you don’t really get to do that sort of stuff very often and in a show where you can be anybody, it seems to be the perfect place to explore that.

On what she would do if she could use Dollhouse technology:

I’ve been listening to classical music and sadly I don’t play an instrument. I would love to be able to program myself to pick up any instrument and to be able to play it very, very well, and to be able to read music and dance as well. I’m very uncoordinated and I’d love to be able to bust a really great move.

On how her own personality has influenced the writing for Sierra:

I guess they’re influenced by our personalities. If they see an influence they try to incorporate it into the character. I think that just happens in television the longer you work together. [Like Sierra], I do paint, and I wanted to actually be a painter.

On what’s coming for Sierra and Dollhouse:

Nothing specifically about the character, but with the show, they’re taking the technology into dangerous directions. People these days love their gadgets, and [with the Dollhouse technology] the possibilities can be endless and frightening.

For more about “Belonging” episode, don’t miss Bad Machine’s Dollhouse recap this week. And if you missed it, you can watch the full episode at Hulu. I can’t believe we have to wait until December to see what’s next.

Are you a Dichen Lachman fan? What scenario would you enjoy seeing for Sierra?

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