Jane Lynch and Kristen Bell will return to “Party Down”


Last month, I attended a Fox conference call with Super Gay Jane Lynch, and even though we were supposed to keep our conversation Glee-full, plenty of us were able to sneak in questions about Party Down. (One New York Post reporter told Lynch that she really hurt her feelings by leaving the the show).

Lynch hinted that she might revisit to the Starz cult comedy, and yesterday E! broke the news that she will, indeed, be back for the season two finale. And bonus good news: Kristen Bell is returning too!

According to E!, Lynch’s character, Constance, is getting married in the season two finale, and the Party Down catering team will be handling the event.

Party star Ryan Hansen said: “Jane’s coming back! That’s my twin! I love her so much. I’m very excited because it’s her wedding and my character Kyle’s band is playing at the wedding.”

Twins? Actually, yes — I totally see it.

The really exciting thing about Lynch’s return is that she’ll be on-screen with her replacement, Megan Mullally. Can you say “comedy dream team”?

Kristen Bell’s tempestuous character, Uda Bengt, is in love too. She’s got her eye on Adam Scott, the catering crew’s ringleader. Scott told E!, “I’m dating Kristen’s character and Casey (LizzyCaplan) is dating some other dude.”

That should drive the fans nuts! I love it!

I think it really speaks to the quality of the writing that both Lynch and Bell are returning to Party Down, even though they have a hundred projects lined up between the two of them. Maybe they’re sharing ateleporter. I’m not sure how else to explain their constant presence in our lives. (Not that I’m complaining.)

Party Down returns to Starz next spring. How excited are you about Bell and Lynch’s role reprisals?

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