Hunter for the Holidays


hollyhunter1.jpgAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Holly Hunter is headed for the small screen in the upcoming TNT program Grace. Hunter will star as “a jaded Oklahoma City police detective who is visited by an irascible angel and offered an opportunity to redeem her life.”

The official TNT press release offers some additional info:

“A female cop and 20-year veteran crashes her vehicle into another car on her way home from a particularly grueling day, fatally wounding the driver of the other car. After screaming to Heaven not to let the man die, an angel comes to her and erases the event, on the one condition that she change her life and her embittered attitude towards others. She agrees, and this unique series follows her long and bumpy road to redemption, with the angel sticking around to keep her on track.”

Added bonus: Raspy-voiced sassy pants Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me, Pretty Woman) will co-star.

The news that I’ll get to see Holly Hunter on TV every week is an early holiday gift. She’s been great in so many things (Thirteen, Home for the Holidays, The Piano, Living Out Loud), but she’ll always be the baby-craving cop Ed (“Short for Edwina!”) from Raising Arizona to me.

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