Sarah Shahi lands a new pilot on USA


Sarah Shahi‘s characters have worn many vocational hats over the years.

She’s done the cop thing.

The DJ thing.

The falling in love with Shane thing.

I know that’s not really a job, but so many lesbians have done it, I hear they’re offering a minor in Shane at Smith these days.

Lucky for us TV execs are going to continue to let her try on hats until she finds one that fits just right. The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Shahi has landed the lead in a new USA Network pilot, Facing Kate. Information is scarce; USA hasn’t even ordered the show yet, but assuming the pilot does get picked up, Facing Kate will follow "Kate (Shahi), a divorced San Francisco woman who leaves her job as a lawyer to become a mediator."

USA has developed some pretty solid original programming over the last few years with Monk, Psych, Burn Notice and In Plain Sight. And thanks to Kyra Sedgwick, cable is now the go-to for dramas centered around strong, independent women. So, here’s hoping USA can pull it together and make Facing Kate a star vehicle for Shahi.

Will you watch if Facing Kate gets picked up?