How some of our favorite characters will celebrate Halloween


Halloween is almost upon us! Time to dust off your copy of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! and restock that Halloween candy you bought two weeks ago and promised yourself you’d save for the trick-or-treaters. (You do it every year!) Halloween also means a solid block of spooky programming. If you can’t find Beetlejuice on TV in the next ten days, you’re just not trying.

Want a sneak peek at how your favorite TV characters are dressing up? We’ve got that and a list of Halloween-themed episodes that are coming your way in the next few days!

Monday, Oct. 26Gossip Girl is all new with "How To Succeed in Business." Blair shouts at Dorota to tell the UES kids there’s no prepackaged joy for them at her house! And then she and Serena dress as — flappers? Serena’s boobs are dressed as Serena’s boobs.

Monday, Oct. 26Castle‘s "Vampire Weekend" follows Castle and Beckett as they track down a vampire-fetishist murderer. Castle’s got a Poe thing going on (nice Raven) and Dr. Parish is working the classic cleavage kitty.

Wednesday, Oct. 28 — Of course the spooky new drama Eastwick has a Halloween episode. In "Bonfire and Betrayal," Mia is Raggedy Ann. Bun is wearing her formal witch attire for the annual witch burning ceremony. (Oh, and hey, it’s Martha Rodgers from Castle, dressed as Cruella da Vil.

Thursday, Oct. 29Flash Forward‘s "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps" promises at least a little eeriness. The Branford’s babysitter, Nicole, is working a Pieced Together Sally from Tim Burton‘s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Thursday, Oct. 29Vampire Diaries is new with "Haunted." Elena’s nurse costume doesn’t strike terror into my heart, but that green glow sure is creepy.

Thursday, Oct. 29 — In Parks and Recreation‘s "Greg Pitikis," Ann throws a Halloween party at her house. Ann is Raggedy and April is smiling. You know someone’s falling into that pit.

Thursday, Oct. 29 — NBC’s other half-hour comedies are airing Halloween episodes. In The Office‘s "Koi Pond," Dunder-Mifflin puts together a haunted house for the community. (And Michael is dating Pam’s mom; what’s scarier than that?) On Community, Annie hosts a Day of the Dead Party in "Introduction to Statistics". I’m not sure about 30 Rock‘s theme, but I’ve seen some pictures of Frank and Lutz in costume (and Kenneth with a clever through his skull).

Friday, Oct. 30Ghost Whisperer‘s "Head Over Heels" takes on the Headless Horseman! Numb3rs "Dreamland" is ridden with paranormal activity. And Medium‘s "Bite Me" is all zombies.

Also, check out ABC Family all week. They’ve got everything from Scooby Doo to The Addams Family on repeat starting yesterday.

And now — just because — here are some of my all-time favorite Halloween-themed TV episodes and costumes:

Bones‘ "Mummy in the Maze" is epic on a dozen levels, not the least of which is Brennan as Wonder Woman squaring off against Cam asCatwoman.

Friends‘ "The One With The Halloween Party" has another great superhero/villain match-up in Superwoman and Catwoman. Oh, wait — that’s Phoebe.

Buffy‘s "Halloween" has young Willow turning into an invisible ghost. Poor Willow. That was her worst nightmare back then.

The Cosby Show’s "Halloween" is a classic episode in a series filled with classic episodes. Cliff takes Rudy & Co. trick-or-treating while Claire stays home to chaperon Vanessa’s party. Everyone thinks Vanessa’s crush, Robert, is dreamy. I think Rudy is adorable.

How I Met Your Mother‘s "Slutty Pumpkin" was one of the earliest episodes that set the sitcom apart. Lily as Captain Jack’s parrot reminds me of what my childhood BFF’s cockatoo used to repeat over and over: "Roscoe’s a pretty bird! Yes, Roscoe!"

And, of course, no Halloween TV list would be complete without Roseanne. There’s even a special addition DVD with just the Halloween episodes on it. Man, those Conners took the holiday seriously. And rightly so.

What Halloween TV episodes are you looking forward to this week? What are some of your all-time favorites?

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