Interview with Ayiiia Elizarraras of “The Real World: Cancun”


The Real World: Cancun’s most controversial, and openly queer, cast member, Ayiiia Elizarraras, was best known for her hook-ups with female roommates and drama with the boys on the show. catches up with our favorite castmate to chat about her girlfriend, sexual fluidity and how she identifies now. Now that the show is over, how do you feel you were portrayed by MTV? How do you feel they portrayed your sexuality?

Ayiiia: I feel like MTV portrayed me pretty well. I’m not as mean as I look on television but every show has its villain. As for my sexuality, it was on point. I’m 22-years old, and more than allowed to experiment with others.

AE: How did the roommates react to your sexual experimentation (besides the ones that you smooched)?

Ayiiia: My roommate Jasmine found it hilarious. As in the others … well, they were the boys whom I didn’t really speak to at the time. But I’m sure they weren’t surprised … jealous? I’m sure. (laughs)

AE: I know that you were concerned about your family’s response to your exploration of your sexual identity on the show; how did that go over?

Ayiiia: The outcome with my family is something I am still dealing with to  this day. My family doesn’t agree with it, understand it or like it, but if they love me as much as they say they do, I know they will accept me.

I know it’s hard for them as well so I’m trying to be as calm and understanding as possible. All I care about is being happy and that’s exactly what I am. I don’t want to change for anyone, I just want to be true to myself whether people like it or not.

AE: On the show, you spoke a lot about sexual fluidity and experimentation. How do you identify now?

Ayiiia: I don’t believe in labeling one another, therefore I don’t call myself a lesbian, straight or bi. I like everybody, no discrimination here. Whoever I fall in love with is who I will fall in love with. 

AE: Your YouTube account has garnered a lot of attention from readers, and we’re dying to know: How did you meet your girlfriend, Krystal?

Ayiiia: Thank you so much, your readers are awesome. Krystal and I actually met through our booking agent. She was asked to interview me and after a little research, she agreed. She interviewed me, we became friends, started Twittering with one another and, before I knew it, she’d cast a spell over me and I fell very much in love with her. (laughs) She definitely took my breath away and still does.

Ayiiia and Krystal

AE: Who was the best kisser in the Cancun house, and why?

Ayiiia: The best kisser of all of the roommates would have to be Bronne, which is very surprising. He’s awesome. I think he’s a great kisser because you wouldn’t expect it from him, kind of like the underdog type. (laughs)

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