HBO picks up a series from the creator of “Gilmore Girls”


As happy as I am that Lauren Graham is coming back to series television, I can’t help wishing she’d waited just a bit longer to sign the Parenthood contract.

Why? Because HBO announced Tuesday that Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino will write and executive produce a new dramedy for the cable network.

The series is about three adult sisters, all writers, sharing an apartment in the upper east side of NYC. Their domineering mother is a “literary lioness” who dotes on their ne’er-do-well brother. According to Sherman-Palladino, “It’s the story of love, hate, family — and finding the perfect opening line.”

To capture the spirit of anticipation that I have for this series, you have to ignore Sherman-Palladino’s most recent effort, The Return of Jezebel James, and relive the glory days of Gilmore Girls via this clip from “Donna Reed Night” (after the very loud commercial).


That kind of mixture of smart (and fast) dialog, comedy, feminism and pop culture is why I can watch Gilmore over and over again. And Sherman-Palladino was responsible for it. (I forgive you, Amy, for the season before you left. Everyone makes mistakes.)

The HBO show seems to be the perfect set-up for S-P’s return to form. And since Lorelai is busy, I’ve been thinking about the cast.

For the matriarch, one and only name came to mind: Holland Taylor.

I know she’s on Two and a Half Men, but she’s wasted on that show. Let’s give her a forum for her greatness.

For the sisters, I took some liberties and decided that Mom had a varied and interesting love life and the siblings have different fathers — of different ethnicities. Then I chose women who don’t have leading roles in a series at the moment and narrowed it down to three actresses who can handle fast-paced dialog and comedy.

Here are my choices for the sisters.

Big sister: Jennifer Beals

Middle sister: Lucy Liu

Baby sister: Leisha Hailey

I am so happy with my cast that I am not even going to list the many, many reasons these three women would be perfect. I just hope Amy Sherman-Palladino reads

Of course, you have your own cast in mind by now, so let’s have it. Who would you like to see in this new HBO series?

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