Oh no you didn’t!


Today, Whitney Matheson of USA Today‘s Pop Candy blog posted her Top 100 People of 2006 (Nos. 80 through 100) — the list is of “folks who contributed to the culture in some way; therefore, you won’t see a lot of socialites and tabloid fodder.” A couple of surprising ladies were on her list: One of the more unexpected picks was Jemima Rooper (No. 98), who plays a lesbian, Thelma, on the British show Hex. Who knew Whitney was watching Hex? How cool!

Jemima Rooper

And then we have Daniela Sea (No. 91). In Whitney’s words, “As Moira/Max, Sea’s character shook up The L Word (in a good way) and opened the series to new conversations about class, gender and identity.” Um, all I can say is, Whitney, I hope you will go read my article on gender on The L Word. There were major problems with the Moira/Max story line. By the way, I just got a look at some screeners of the fourth season of The L Word (look for a preview on AfterEllen.com in the next few weeks), and I just want to give fans of “real butches” a glimmer of hope: There is actually a real butch on the fourth season of The L Word. Really. And you know what? She is hot.

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