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Today: Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Megan Carpentier, and a delightful Moment of Geek.


As the Senate Finance Committee prepares to vote on the health care bill Tuesday, Rachel took a look at a Fox News poll that says only 33% of Americans are in favor of health care legislation.

Democratic strategist Joe Trippi came by the studio to talk about the loaded questions leading up to the health care reform question on the poll.

Trippi has an interesting take on it, and if you think all progressives cheerfully agree with each other, you’ll want to watch this interview – Rachel gets surprisingly feisty with him.


It’s an interesting issue. Fox News has been serving as the propaganda arm of the Republican Party for years now, but it sounds like the serpent may be starting to eat its own tail. Is it possible that Fox will accidentally start taking down Republicans who are basing their political strategies on bad information?

And if that happens, will there be enough unscrupulous Fox Newsers and political operatives to sell out, write tell-all books, and provide us with hours and hours of childish entertainment?

Impeachable Source

Rachel gave us the inevitable news that ultraconservative website WorldNetDaily is now reporting on a “groundswell of calls for impeachment” of President Obama. Because of, you know, he makes them feel funny inside.

WorldNetDaily is so over the top that it’s a blend of amusing and scary, right up until you read the ads. Then, once the WorldNetDaily psyche is laid excruciatingly bare, you may be overwhelmed with pity and need to cry a little bit.

The fantastic Melissa Harris-Lacewell popped in with some slyly hilarious and pointed commentary. The woman wields a samurai sword of logic.

Oh, Noklahoma

Rachel gave us the grim news that the state of Oklahoma passed a new law requiring abortion providers to report extensive personal information about women who seek abortions. The information is then supposed to be collected into an annual report that will be posted online.

In other words, not only do women have to risk being harassed as they walk to and from their health care providers’ offices, they have to risk possible loons trying to identify them months later through their publicly posted personal information.

I’m sure no reasonable woman would be intimidated by that. It’s not like the anti-choice movement has a history of violence.

Megan Carpentier of Air America Radio dropped in to talk about the full, upsetting ramifications.

Ms. Information

It was only Tuesday that Rachel interviewed lobbyist/P.R. guy/corporate remora Rick Berman and pointed out that he is an awful person who is actively trying to fool people into doing unhealthy things.

After two whole days of meditative retreat and self-examination, Berman is back with his new Defeat the Debt group. You will be stunned to hear that he is trying to make it look like a grassroots movement.

Berman hired actors at $30 and hour to wear Uncle Sam costumes and pretend to be debt protesters. That seems like an incredible hourly wage for the work — it certainly would to most actors — but it more than balances out when you realize that Berman is actively trying to prevent every one of his contract-basis Uncle Sams from getting health insurance.

Moment of Geek

Depending on when you read this, either NASA is planning on bombing the moon at 7:30 Eastern time this morning or NASA is the reason you are currently being showered with smoldering chunks of rock.

If you’re one of the early birds, grab your telescope so you can see the 6-mile plume of debris and warn the rest of us when the angry Moon Lizards come swarming out.

Rachel welcomed awesome TRMS Teenage Astronomy Czar Caroline Moore, so you’re in for some serious adorable.

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