Ellen Page and Alia Shawkat team up to pen HBO series


Over the years, there have been hundreds of television shows featuring many stereotypes of people in their teens and early 20s: The school-obsessed nerd, the cheerleader who gets all the dudes, the hospital residents sleeping together while trying to become respected surgeons. It’s time for the hipsters to be recognized, and who better to point them out than Ellen Page?

Last night, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Page and her Whip It co-stars Alia Shawkat and Sean Tillman (aka Har Mar Superstar) are writing a new show for HBO, taking on the Williamsburg and Silver Lake hipster set. Clearly, it will be a comedy and surely it’s time for someone to give hipsters a much-deserved teasing.

If you are unfamiliar with Har Mar, you might recall seeing him in the Journey parody he made with the actresses earlier this year, or the new video, Crappy Canadian Thanksgiving.

The show, titled Stich ‘N Bitch, will follow two “painfully cool hipster girls” as they move from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to L.A.’s scenester Mecca, Silver Lake. The girls want to become artists “of any kind,” which has me thinking feminist crafters, based on the show’s name.

No word yet on whether Page, Shawkat or Tillman will have roles in the show (come on now, they have to!), but we will surely be watching what happens with this one.

I’m glad to see my dreams of Page and Shawkat becoming BFFs in real life are being realized. Seriously, they were perfect together in Whip It and their collective dry sense of humor will bode quite well on HBO.

E! Online is already putting in requests for cameos (Drew Barrymore and Diablo Cody, please), but I’m just excited to see the wardrobes and personas of these hipster queens.

Are you stoked for Stitch N’ Bitch?

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