Top 10 Female Doctors on TV


Earlier this week I posted my list of the Top 10 Female Cops on TV, and the response was so overwhelming that I decided I better hurry up and post my list of Top 10 Female Doctors on TV before all the Scully fans mutiny. So here’s my take on TV’s best / sexiest / most interesting female physicians.

Note to Bones fans: forensic anthropologists are not medical doctors – I checked! – so I left Bones off this list, but she and the women of C.S.I. will definitely be included on our list of Top Female Scientists in the future.

10. Liz Cruz, Nip/Tuck (Roma Maffia)


The lesbian anesthesiologist on the controversial plastic surgery drama has been saddled with less than stellar storylines (a stolen kidney? really?), but Liz is a woman who speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to kick her controlling girlfriend to the curb.

9. Regina Barnes, Out of Practice (Paula Marshall)

This sarcastic, hard-working lesbian ER doc on the short-lived 2004-2005 comedy competed with her brothers for women and fended off her mother’s attempts to make her more feminine, all while delivering some excellent one-liners. Who says lesbians can’t be funny?

8. Abby Lockhart, ER (Maura Tierney)

One of ER’s longest-running characters, Abby studied to become a doctor after years of taking crap from them as a nurse, and in the process became the heart of the series.

7. Maggie Doyle, ER (Jorja Fox)

ER’s first openly gay doctor, Doyle was a hit with lesbian viewers during her two-and-half-season stint on the popular NBC drama during the mid-’90s. She didn’t get much screen time and had no personal life to speak of, but she was played by Jorja Fox, so pretty much all she had to do was show up.

6. Kathryn Austin, Chicago Hope (Christine Lahti)

Lahti joined the CBS medical drama in the mid-’90s playing what wikipedia describes as “a talented cardiac surgeon with a feminist chip on her shoulder”. They say that like that’s a bad thing!

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5. Kerry Weaver, ER (Laura Innes)

Yes, ER’s longest-running lesbian character has been unlikable at times, and the writers have ignored or exploited her personal life as it suits them. But Weaver is tough, tenadious, and endearing when she’s allowed to be, and her first two relationships were some of the better lesbian ones we’ve seen on network TV.

4. Jordan Cavanaugh, Crossing Jordan (Jill Hennessy)

Hennessy’s Jordan is a crime-solving medical examiner with trust issues. And we love her!

3. Neela Rasgotra, ER (Parminder Nagra)

Neela is smart, relatable, and sexy without trying to be, and Nagra starred in Bend It Like Beckham. Need I say more?

2. Dana Scully, The X-Files (Gillian Anderson)

The deadpan voice of reason on the popular ’90s paranormal FBI mystery series, Scully countered the stereotype of the hysterical woman, even when she was abducted by aliens – and she managed to make talking on a cell phone look sexy.

1. The Women of Grey’s Anatomy

ABC’s popular medical drama has more smart, interesting, and sexy women than I can possibly choose from, including Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh), Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez), Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), and Izzie (Katherine Heigl) (there’s some chick named Meredith who whines a lot, too). Sure, the soap opera-like antics of the women’s personal lives often overshadow the actual practicing of medicine, but…oh, who am I kidding, their soap opera-like antics are the best part! Now if only Addison or Cristina would come out. And hook up. With each other.

Who are your favorite TV docs? Let us know in the comments!

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