Salma Hayek takes over TV; women and minorities are thrilled


Salma Hayek!According to Variety, Ugly Betty producer and recurring star Salma Hayek has inked a deal to executive produce (with her producing partner, Jose Tamez) a new medical school drama for Fox. ER writer and co-executive producer Joe Sachs is also on board.

The new drama will reportedly take place at an Ivy League med school and will follow the personal and professional lives of the med students.

OMG! Will the students be overachieving geeks who talk endlessly about, well, obscure medical topics that I am not aware of? And in the process, use a bunch of scientifically accurate vocabulary that sounds really sexy?

More importantly, if it takes place at Harvard, does this mean the show will be 33% Asian American? Given the fact that Hayek — whose Ugly Betty is the most Latino show on U.S. television (outside of Univision etc.) – is producing, perhaps there’s actually a chance that this show will be demographically accurate.

Dear Santa: Please make Salma Hayek the ruler of the world. Or at least, the ruler of Hollywood. Thank you.

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