Let’s officially start the “Hire Cheno Now” campaign


If you caught this week’s episode of Glee, you understand why I am about to yell. If you didn’t well, you will soon. Hey, Hollywood, hire Kristin Chenoweth NOW!

Whew, glad I got that off of my chest. But, honestly, I do not understand why Kristin isn’t gainfully employed right now. The tiny powerhouse never fails to entertain and amaze. If you saw her Emmy acceptance speech and your heart didn’t melt, well, check for a pulse. Plus she made it abundantly clear in her Emmy speech that she was 1) unemployed and 2) would like to work on Mad Men, The Office or 24. Wake up, people. Don’t make her beg.

Well, if there is any television justice her performance this week on Glee will finally make the phones ring. As washed-up, boozed-up former Glee Club star April Rhodes, Kristin was magnificent. Sublime. Heartbreaking. But don’t take my word for it — take the glowing accolades from The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, People — I could go on.

Her dueling performance of “Maybe This Time” with Lea Michelle was the most thrilling three minutes of television that didn’t include a car chase or explosion in quite some time. In fact, her entire performance showcased the true power of Cheno. As April she was both loveable and despicable. Heartbreaking and a hoot. You cheered for her even when you knew she was teaching teens how to shoplift. You believed her even when you knew she couldn’t stay off the horse tranquilizers. And, of course, that voice.

I mean, just listen to her co-stars gush about her.


So, what’s it going to be, Hollywood? Put her on your shows. Give her her own show. Heck, bring her back to Glee. Something, anything — this woman needs to be in our living rooms on a regular basis. I’ll even crack open a new box of wine for the occasion.

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