Breaking into The Office


jennafischer.jpgJenna Fischer, who plays nerdy/sexy Pam on The Office has a great “Celebrity Blog” entry over at TV

In it, she talks about her rather un-glamorous path to TV stardom and takes on some of the most pervasive myths and stereotypes about what it takes to “make it” in Hollywood. If you’re an aspiring actor, this may be a surprisingly useful little nugget. And even if you’re not, her thoughtful and heartfelt blog will give you one more reason to wish Pam was your work wife.

Some highlights include a (pre-fame) horror story about being slammed for not being a “real actor” by some pompous idiot at a party because she told him she wouldn’t do gratuitous nudity, and some funny details about the lean years before The Office (“Did I mention my living-room curtain was made from a torn bed sheet?”)

But this was my favorite quote:

“I thought being an actor meant being famous. But most actors aren’t recognizable. It’s funny — I watch TV in a whole new way now. Like, I watch a show and I see the person who has three lines on Law & Order and I think, “Their family is gathered around the TV flipping out right now. I bet that was a huge deal for that person!” There are so many actors who make a living by doing support work on shows. I was that person for many years. For me to stay in this business, it had to be OK if I was never recognized. I learned that I loved the craft of acting more than the idea of being famous.”

Who else uses their “Celebrity Blog” to talk about their 3-liner TV comrades? She’s such a keeper.

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