Not much to consider


Jane LynchI finally saw For Your Consideration over the weekend, and although the movie didn’t live up to my expectations overall, I very much enjoyed Jane Lynch’s portrayal of a Mary Hart-ish celebrity news hawker.

Lynch, who has played a masticating (and macking) lawyer on The L Word, wasn’t the only alum of that series to show up in the movie: Sarah Shahi (Carmen) also has a teeny tiny role as a news anchor. And Shahi herself seemed downright diminutive behind the big news desk. Still, it was nice to see her, since we won’t be seeing much of her on The L Word in season 4.

Oh — the lesbian content in For Your Consideration is of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, or maybe fine-but-who-really-cares, variety. I still wouldn’t mind seeing Christopher Guest as a Guestbian.

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