“The Cleveland Show” uses time-old lesbian kiss on its pilot


While potty humor isn’t normally my “thang” I must admit to celebrating the entire collection of Family Guy episodes. Between gay baby Stewie’s plot to take over the world, Brian the dog’s drinking problem and Quagmire’s “Giggidy giggidy goochey goo” perviness, I can’t help but turn my brain off and laugh.

For reasons I can’t quite comprehend beyond a few dollar signs, the show’s creator, Seth McFarlane, has decided to create a spin-off show revolving around the Griffin family’s neighbor, Cleveland called The Cleveland Show.

In the clip from the pilot below, we find that saying goodbye is hard, but it’s so much easier for the husbands when there’s a woman on woman kiss shared by two of the animated wives.

The best/worst part? Quagmire in the background saying, “Touch her. Touch boobs.”

Did you catch the premiere of the show on Sunday?

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