An effing entertaining “SNL” premiere


This weekend, Saturday Night Live returned with a premiere that gave viewers more excitement than they had expected. As if Megan Fox hosting the show wasn’t enough to tantalize and tease, newcomer Jenny Slate upstaged the Jennifer’s Body star by dropping the “F-bomb.”

Slate uttered the big daddy of all curse words during the “Biker Chick Chat” among banter about jorts (jean shorts) and drinking beers with Kristen Wiig and Megan. After saying “freaking” one billion times, Slate got a little too caught up and said, “You know what? You stood up for yourself, and I f—–g love you for that.” Slate looked like a puffer fish after realizing her error, but the skit continued on just fine.

Obviously, NSFW for about a second as long as it takes for her to utter the word:

The New York Daily News reports that Slate won’t be fired for her F-Word flub, though the creators of the show had a media field day. Producers censored the live show with “freaking” for West Coast airings. The News also speculates that since the swear word aired well beyond primetime, at 12:40am, the FCC probably won’t fine SNL.

Apart from Jenny Slate’s potty mouth, Megan Fox was incredible. Really f——g incredible. Here’s her monologue, where she pokes fun at herself and the “naked photos” of her on the internet:

What did you think of the return of Saturday Night Live?

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