Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (September 25, 2009)



“Hello gals!! I just want to clear up all the speculation and gossip. Cherry Jones is a totally out and proud lesbian who has broken up with Sarah [Paulson], but they are still very close. That is the only reason she did not thank her. She thanked her parents who are very ill and her sister, Susan who is taking care of them because that was what the evening was about for her. She kissed her AGENT who was sitting next to her and Fox in no way has asked her to be anything less than the amazing, talented open proud gay chic she has always been. “

— Comedian (and friend of Cherry Jones) Suzanne Westenhoeffer, in a blog post comment responding to speculation from readers about Jones’s Emmy acceptance speech, and the possible reasons for her not acknowledging Sarah Paulson in it.


The transsexual love story The Danish Girl is moving forward in production with star and producer Nicole Kidman despite Charlize Theron dropping out of the project.

With his hosting performance at the Emmys, Neil Patrick Harris joins Ellen DeGeneres, Rachel Maddow, and Suze Orman on the list of “supergays” who are taking over the world, and we’ve made a list of some other folks who should join their ranks. blogger Grace Chu has relaunched her website (“Home of Stuff Lesbians Like”).

In a recent episode of Parks and Recreation, Amy Poehler accidentally officiated a gay (penguin) marriage.

The New York Daily News has listed Ellen DeGeneres as one of “Hollywood’s hottest cougars.”

Jessica Capshaw (Grey’s Anatomy) appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show and talked about (among other things) the small number of lesbian characters in primetime television. (Thanks to Natasha for the tip!)

The trial for the men who murdered out lesbian South African soccer champion Eudy Simelan ended this week, but with a mixed verdict.

The preview for next week’s episode of Flashforward (ABC) showed a brief scene of two women kissing. listed the lesbian kiss on L.A. Law in 1991 and the recent lesbian storylines on Grey’s Anatomy as two of the “Sexual Controversies That Changed TV.”

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