More quality time with Amy Poehler

on is reporting that NBC may soon begin broadcasting the Friday night rehearsals of Saturday Night Live. NBC Universal chief digital officer George Kliavkoff even joked, “”Sometimes it’s a lot more interesting than the show.”

This is undoubtedly related to the (relative) popularity of new shows 30 Rock and Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip—both of which take us behind the scenes of fictional late night sketch comedy shows.

I like the idea, because it means I’ll have more quality time with Amy Poehler.

Speaking of Studio 60, I’ve noticed that it seems to arouse a love/hate response. I love it — it’s smart and funny, and Sarah Paulson? Meow! But if‘s explanation of the show’s demographic is correct, then I probably shouldn’t be admitting any of this publicly.

Studio 60

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