The Weekly Geek: The ninth season of “Buffy” comics get confirmed


Buffy fans, have you enjoyed your Season 8 of the comic series continuation of the beloved cult TV hit? Well good, because I have some delightful news for you: Joss Whedon (series creator and überdork himself) has confirmed that there will be a Season 9 — after the full run of the current series is over.

From Splash Page:

“Well, 40 issues was always the goal, and that’s how we’re playing it,” Whedon said of the current Season 8 run. “We’re around issue 30 now, we’ve got about 10 to go, five of which I have to write, so I have to get on that. Then we’ll pause for breath and then we’ll start Season 9. I have had for a long time a conception for Season 8 that is very different from Season 8. It may not run as long, because 40 issues sounds great until you realize that it’s four or five years.”

It’s been a long, mostly sweet ride for fans open-minded enough to embrace their favorite series in a more two-dimensional format, though comic geeks had no need for re-adjustment. The graphic novels have enjoyed serious attention from Whedon and other series writers, making the “canon” storyline all the better.

Plus, there’s been plenty of lesbian action. Willow (the friendly lesbian witch), of course, is a mainstay, and Buffy herself even experimented with another slayer. Show me something hotter than that in a comic book, and I’ll hand over my entire set of DVDs. Even the broken ones.

There are also no plans to produce a Dollhouse comic until Whedon can find an artist that he feels could actually do justice to Eliza Dushku. He made similar comments regarding the original plans for a Buffy comic — he was very adamant that the artist knew how to draw a “real woman.” Having that much respect for female characters (and their real-life counterparts) is a rare and wonderful thing in a Hollywood producer — and just one of many reasons to think Joss Whedon is our kind of geek.

Speaking of dollhouses, Barbie is going to get her own movie. I suppose this isn’t so much geeky as it is amusing and/or horrifying, depending on your own perspective, but I’ll leave the final judgments in your hands, readers.

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