Samantha Ronson will guest star on “90210”


America’s poshest zip code is about to get a little more hobo chic. In a thespian leap of lesbionic proportions, 90210 has cast Samantha Ronson to play a Beverly Hills deejay on an upcoming episode.

According to People:

Ronson’s scenes take place in a club where hip-hop star Pharrell and his group N.E.R.D. also perform. Her role also has her advising the character, Navid, played by Michael Steger, on matters of the heart.

And I thought Tyra Banks turn on Gossip Girl was going to be CW’s best bit of stunt casting this year!

Teen soaps have a long-standing mutual love affair with real-life DJs and bands, but usually it’s the DJs/bands that benefit most from the exposure. (Seriously, ask Death Cab for Cutie or The Killers about playing in The O.C.‘s Bait Shop, or Barenaked Ladies about singing over Dawson Leery and Joey Potter falling in love.) This time, though, the clear winner is 90210 because SamRo doesn’t even need Twitter to generate buzz.

In fact, she didn’t Tweet the news herself, but she did respond to congratulations from her one-bazillion followers when the 90210 news dropped last night.

Ronson’s episode of 90210 will air on Nov. 3. Will her guest appearance make you tune in?

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