If this acting thing doesn’t work out for her, I’m sure the Ramada Inn would hire her back


In another sign that TV is gaining on film as the cool kid hangout, actress Glenn Close has just signed on to star in a NY-based “character-driven legal thriller” for the FX channel. Close will play Patty Hughes, America’s “foremost high-stakes litigator.” What makes this different from every other legal drama on TV? Close’s character boils a rabbit every time she loses a case – so you really don’t want her to lose.

Speaking of Ms. Close, I came across this fun photo of her with Dana Delany and Uma Thurman at the Sundance Institute 25th Anniversary Gala last month, where they wore t-shirts inscribed with a list of their first jobs:

Dana Uma Glenn

I love that Glenn was a maitre’d at the Ramada Inn. Now if that doesn’t inspire those of you with sucky jobs, I don’t know what will!

Here’s another photo of Glenn at the event, with Paul Newman and Lili Taylor:

Glenn Newman Taylor

How fitting is it that Lili Taylor had a job as a “sad clown”? She rocks.

And then there’s the multi-talented Claire Danes (I loved My So-Called Life) who lists “competitive eater” as one of her first jobs:

Claire Danes

But I have to ask – what on earth is a “schnoodle breeder”? Or maybe I don’t want to know…

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