Ellen moves into “Cougar Town”


This morning, in honor of the new Courtney Cox series Cougar Town, the New York Daily News compiled a photo tribute to Hollywood’s hottest cougars and their (much) younger prey. Among the usual cradle-robbers — Demi, Madonna and Mariah — was our very own Ellen DeGeneres.

That the 51-year-old new American Idol judge is married to 35-year-old Portia di Rossi, clearly makes her a cougar, but I guess it just never occurred to me to classify her as one. Damn heteronormativity. Good thing the folks over at the NY Daily News aren’t as oblivious as I am, and did well to include a lesbian in their list. Bravo!

It’s time to brainstorm, ladies: What should we call a lesbian cougar? A lezgar? A coug-bian? Cherie Jaffe?

What do you think of Ellen’s inclusion in the list of cougars? What other celesbians could be included?

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