TV is filled with “Glee” as the series gets a full season


Oh what happiness, oh what Glee. The un-High School Musical high school musical series has become the first new fall show to receive a full season pick-up.

Yesterday Fox announced that the show will be around for a full 22 episodes. The first 13 have already been shot and the network just ordered the back nine. In the announcement, Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said:

The response we’ve received to Glee has been remarkable. It’s already got the makings of a cultural phenomenon. I’ve seen all 13 episodes, and Ryan Murphy, his team and the talented Glee cast have knocked our socks off with their incredible work. We’re happy to pick up this gem of a show, and can’t wait to see what they’ll do with the rest of the season.

Neither can I, Mr. Reilly, neither can I. The freshman series built unprecedented buzz over the summer with its unconventional premiere episode tease in May followed by almost four full months of breathless waiting until the next episode aired earlier this month. The show’s Sept. 9 return netted Fox its highest-rated scripted fall premiere in three years.

A full-season pick-up after only two episodes fall episodes is rare in Hollywood and a big vote of confidence for the series. But then, how can anyone not love a show that features Jane Lynch in an assortment of brightly colored track suits?

While I was disappointed by the show’s unevenly paced September return, it seemed to find its footing again last week complete with a ladyfabulous gayvention (“that’s a gay intervention”). Mercedes’ (Amber Riley) powerful rendition of “Bust Your Windows” was particularly fantastic.

And this week according to super-secret insiders (that’d be StuntDouble and her screeners) I hear it gets even better — and by better, I mean more gay. [SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled for future episodes. I mean it, shoo!]

At the end of tonight’s episode, Kurt (Chris Colfer) tells his father that he is gay in what I have been told is a coming out scene worthy of the Rickie Vasquez Hall of Fame. Rickie’s My So-Called Life Christmas episode makes me weep just thinking about it, so I plan to have Kleenex nearby.

And then next week look for a cameo by newly-minted Emmy winner and pocket-sized dynamo Kristin Chenoweth will appear as April Rhodes, a former classmate of Will’s (Matthew Morrison). And yes, world, there will be singing.

Jane and Kristin on the shame show. Moving coming out scenes. Singing, dancing and spirit fingers. It’s good to be a Gleek. And for even more Glee goodness, be sure to follow StuntDouble’s Facebook Recaps at

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