Admit it: We all need more Xena in our lives.


This week, the first season of Xena: Warrior Princess became available to download on iTunes, for $1.99 per episode. Let me tell you a secret: Back in 1997, I bought myself Season 1 and 2 of Xena — on VHS. I kid you not. I still have the 20-something tapes sitting in my parents’ basement in Colorado. And now that VHS is gone, we have no choice but to upgrade our Xena collections.

What is Xena doing with her hand, anyway?

This news got me to thinking about some of my favorite Xena episodes … Was it the one when Xena and Gabrielle bathed together for the first time? Or was it when Callisto was introduced? I did kinda love it when Xena went to China and had that intriguing relationship with that hot Chinese woman. And, of course, the episodes in which Lucy Lawless played several different campy characters (“Warrior … Princess … Tramp,” etc.) come to mind.

OK, I’ll stop now before I sound like too much of a geek. But feel free to reminisce about your favorite Xena episodes in the comments!

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