Latina women shine at the 2009 ALMA Awards


The ALMA (American Latino Media Arts) Awards aired last Friday, September 18th from UCLA’s Royce Hall to honor Latinos in America for their achievements in the entertainment industry.

The show, also called the “Latin American Oscars,” was co-hosted by the new hottie mommy Eva Longoria Parker. An entire gallery really should be dedicated to how on fire she was on the red carpet and onstage charming the audience. Though it looked kinda like she rummaged through her closet and found all seven of her unused prom dresses from the ’80s, the Desperate Housewives diva was smokin’ hot.

Now if only we could drop that pesky “Parker” from her name.

Among the top female winners were Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Selena Gomez.

Nelly Furtado’s performance of her single “Manos Al Aire” from her new Spanish album, Mi Plan, was the definite highlight of the entertainment portion, because there’s only so much Pitbull a normal human being can take.

The rest of the star-studded cast included other lesbian faves.

Our favorite D.E.B.S. lezvillain, Jordana Brewster, traded in her shotgun for a girly clutch.

Sopranos star Jamie Lynn Sigler was nearly attacked by her serpentine necklace.

The always-stunning Roselyn Sanchez was a vision in taupe.

I have a personal bias for the ALMA Awards over the Emmys, simply for the reason that there are so many more beautiful women of color in attendance at the former, but I’m not one to judge. Who were your favorites at the 2009 ALMAs?

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