Ayiiia dishes on the drama, “diddling” and dating a girl on “The Real World” reunion special


Last week, The Real World: Cancun crew reunited to dish on more drama — if that were even possible — that took place in the house this season. Among overly dramatic scream sessions that resulted in Emilee storming offstage, tears over skinny little boy toys and really harsh backstabbing comments, Ayiiia’s girl-loving dalliances were talked about the most.

First, we learn that in Cancun, the thing that opened up Ayiiia’s world to the wonders of sleeping with women was the fact that she and Emilee “diddled” between the sheets. Diddled? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? I’m guessing we can all use our imaginations and diddle the possibilities of what might have happened.

Emilee responds to the fact that she’s like a gateway drug for questioning girls by speculating her lovemaking prowess: “Turn ‘em all, then they fall in love.”

Granted, Emilee, you worked at Hooters; I bet there were plenty of bi-curious girls who wanted to be your “minions.” But I’m pretty sure it was you who tried to jump Ayiiia’s bones on a regular basis.

Ayiiia also explains to the [bi]curious audience that the reason why she and Jonna no longer talk is because Jonna led her on. Perhaps it was the fact that she wrote Ayiiia invitation notes to have a threesome with her and Pat, or maybe it was because she made out with her all the time. Ayiiia admits that she had her “feelings hurt.” Poor, naïve Ayiiia. Doesn’t she know that you should never diddle with straight girls?

But don’t feel too sorry for her — Ayiiia also reveals that she is no longer single: She’s “smitten” by her long distance girlfriend, Krystal. Apart from making really weird YouTube videos together, the roommate says of her first relationship with a girl, “I’m in love!”

It’s nice to see Ayiiia finally happy and comfortable with her sexuality. Welcome to home, Ayiiia. Now if only I could find myself a girlfriend willing to put up with my drama.

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