The Emmy Awards get good — no really


Wait, what’s this? An award show that is actually fun? And award show that makes me laugh? An award show that doesn’t put me into a deep and catatonic sleep? Clearly, I’m in some sort of alternate universe. But no, instead it was the 61st annual Emmy Awards telecast last night.

The show honoring the best and brightest in television handed out lots of pointy-winged statuettes to deserving people. And from start to finish (OK, there was a lull there during the reality/miniseries segments) it made for pretty damn good TV. A look at some of the night’s highlights.

Best Conspiracy: The supporting actress in a comedy nominees

At Amy Poehler‘s urging, the actresses all wore silly eyewear as their nominations were called out. All, that is, except for Vanessa Williams who gave a very Wilhelmina Slater scowl instead.

Best Reason to Wish You Were a Gay Man: Neil Patrick Harris

The first-time Emmy host was funny, handsome, talented, charming and funny some more. He and Ellen DeGeneres should just be crowned King and Queen of The Gays and we’d all happily serve at their feet. p.s. I loved Duckie in Pretty in Pink and all, but Jon Cryer totally robbed NPH.

Best Lilliputian Winner: Kristin Chenoweth

The pint-sized Pushing Daisies star’s win for best supporting actress in a comedy was bittersweet. Bitter because ABC canceled the show. Sweet because she could not be more adorable, nor could her assertion in her speech that: “I’m unemployed now, so I’d like to be on Mad Men. I also like The Office and 24.” Someone hire her, now. p.p.s. She is seriously tiny, quite possibly a Smurf.

Best Use of Facial Hair: Sarah Silverman

When her name was called out as a nominee for best actress in a comedy, Sarah got all Magnum P.I. on the situation to hilarious effect.

Best Endorsement for Multiple Personality Disorder: Toni Collette

Toni’s surprise win over Tina Fey in the best actress in a comedy series made me grumble a bit. (In my book you just give every award to Tina and call it a day). But you can’t fault Toni’s talent.

Best Way to Start Gossip, Girls: Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

The Gossip Girl co-stars held hands as they came out to present. Just call it the hand holding that launched a thousand fanfics.

Best Unintentional Promotion of Citrus: Anna Torv

When she walked out on stage to present I had a sudden, unquenchable urge to eat a tangerine — possibly two.

Best Reference to a Three-Way: Dearbhla Walsh

After winning the best directing for a miniseries trophy for the PBS/BBC adaptation of Little Dorrit, Dearbhla thanked her partner saying “looks like there will be three of us in the bed tonight.” And, if I’m not mistaken, the person the camera panned to as her partner was another woman.

Best Atonement for Making Me Sit Through House of Sand and Fog: Shohreh Aghdashloo

That dress has convinced me to finally forgive Shohreh, who won best actress in a miniseries for House of Saddam, for making me watch the most depressing movie ever.

Best the Revolution Will Be Televised Moment: Dr. Horrible hijacks the broadcast

Dr. Horrible (of the famed Sing-Along Blog) briefly took over the telecast to extol the virtues of the Internet complete with a buffering gag, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day cameos.

Best Fake President: Cherry Jones

The out actress and 24 star is already a multiple Tony winner. Now thanks to her best supporting actress in a drama win she can add Emmy winner to her resume as well. She appeared to leave out partner Sarah Paulson in her acceptance speech. But we hope that’s just an oversight.

UPDATE: Sarah is currently performing in an off-broadway play, but she tweeted out a message of support to Cherry before the show: “CHERRY JONES AND JESSICA LANGE FOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A TV DRAMA AND BEST ACTRESS IN A TV MOVIE..fingers crossed. I LOVE YOU BOTH.” (Thanks to Kelly for the tip!)

Best Excuse to Start Walking Your Dog Around Central Park: Glenn Close

Glenn won her second consecutive best actress in a drama Emmy for Damages. The frequent dog walker was humble and gracious to her fellow nominees in her speech.

Best Co-Opting of Rachel Maddow’s Eyewear: Dana Delany

The Desperate Housewives star wore spectacles to present. They were super cute, but does no one in Hollywood invest in contacts?

Best Reason to No Longer Be Sick of Those Mac Commercials: John Hodgman

The Daily Show contributor served as the evening’s color commentator and came up with delightfully wry things to say for each winner.

Best Jay Leno Burn: Tina Fey

Tina’s series 30 Rock took home its third consecutive win for best comedy and in doing so, she gave a sly dig to her home network, too. “Thank you for keeping us on the air, even though we are so much more expensive than a talk show.” Like I said, hand every award to Tina and call it a day.

So, what did you think of the telecast? Favorite winners? Favorite losers? And how about those dresses? Discuss.

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