ABC picks up a sitcom from Arianna Huffington


Maybe you saw the headline: “Huffington Sitcom on Tap at ABC” above a picture of Arianna Huffington.

Wait, what? I know that my television-warped mind tends to think of Eva Gabor when Huffington starts talking, but I’m not sure I’m ready to see Arianna doing comedy. Although I wouldn’t mind being around when her jokes put Ana Marie Cox to sleep.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to read far to find out the real story. Huffington came up with an idea for a sitcom — and ABC bought it.

The show, tentatively called Freshmen, revolves around the relationship of three roommates — two men and a woman — who are, you guessed it, freshmen members of Congress. Think “Three’s Company Goes To Washington.”

We know this much about the characters: they have different political affiliations — a Republican, a Democrat and an independent — and different family situations — one has a wife back home, one is single and one is divorced. I suspect that the woman is not the one with a wife back home, but wouldn’t that be cool?

What makes the show sound promising is the involvement of Greg Malins, an executive producer and writer for Friends, Will & Grace and How I Met Your Mother. Malins seems to have a golden touch when it comes to ensemble comedies. And with Huffington producing, Freshmen may have the funds to attract proven comedic talent. (I think the cast of Will & Grace is available.)

Personally, I’d like to see a series about a woman moving into C Street. But I guess that would be too much like The Twilight Zone.

What do you think of the Freshmen? Will you watch? Any casting ideas?

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