RachelWatch: Baucus up a Minute


Today: Rachel chats with Chris Hayes of the Nation, people are still yammering about czars, and some really cool robots might kill you.

Wednesday was a corker of a show, so get ready for an extra bonus round of clips. I can’t help it. Too much bizarre, too much win.

No Reservations

Rachel stared us off with the brazenly lunkheaded czar “controversy” that I think is secretly just a test to see if the people the Republicans sucked in to the last three screamfests are really, truly not paying any attention at all.

It’s not hard to check and see that Bush had czars, as did every President since Nixon. If people actually fall for and get riled up by this, Republican shouty types will know that they don’t even have to try anymore.

They’ll know they either have access to a cynical snake eating its own tail made up entirely of people screaming talking points that they know are made up, or a base that is so easily manipulated that they can just make up anything.

But how could they possibly come up with an even stupider willful misinterpretation of a simple thing?

Oh, my God, you guys! Did you know that Obama has a staffer known as the “Vice” President?!

Should our government really have someone whose sole job is to talk us into indulgence and licentiousness? *

Don’t worry, there are even bigger balls of crazy to play with, not to mention the refreshingly direct Frank Schaeffer of The Huffington Post.

One more thing:

Rachel noted that Republicans have already claimed that health care reform is a secret plan to kill the elderly, veterans, and women with breast cancer.

Now actual elected Congressional Representatives Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R – Washington) and Trent Franks (R – Arizona) are saying that parents of disabled children are afraid that health care reform will kill off their kids.

They have no evidence whatsoever that this might happen, but they felt that it was worth reporting “concerns” about it as though those concerns involved actual facts.

If that’s how we’re playing, I am very concerned that Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers might come home from a tough day on the Hill, kick off her heels, and then start mailing packages of cigarettes and wine coolers to random schoolchildren.

I am also deeply, deeply concerned that Representative Trent Franks may spend the next recess roaming the country with the express purpose of romancing little old ladies in the hopes of breaking up their marriages right before their 50 year anniversaries.

You guys, these are legitimate concerns that I have, and thus should be repeatedly reported as such.

Run for the Border

We’ve had lots of coverage about the heroic feats of Representative Joe Wilson (R – South Carolina), which include being rude and being wrong.

But in the middle of all the richly deserved accolades, we’ve forgotten about Wilson’s vital public contribution of stirring up animosity towards undocumented aliens.

Don’t you wish they made a cuddly orange teddy bear of him?

Chris Hayes of The Nation joined Rachel in general indignation.

Ms. Information

Rachel gave us the oddly entertaining news that Al-Quaeda gets hip for the kids about as well as any other rigid institution.

Apparently new racist Al-Quaeda up-and-comer Rakan Ben Williams is not so much an American recruit as a totally made up person named after a comic book character.

Can we start releasing stuff written by a fake guy who left Al-Quaeda for the United States and call him Scrooge McDuck?

Rachel was thoroughly disgusted by the professionally printed “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy” signs that appeared at the 9-12 march.

The charming sentiment was dreamed up by the American Life League, who are brave enough to laugh at the recently deceased, but not quite enough to come on The Rachel Maddow Show to defend their so very pro-life sign.

One of their members also called Rachel a “pro-promiscuity zealot,” which made me insane with epithet jealousy.

Though to be fair, I can’t really say I’m a pro-promiscuity zealot. More of a booster.

School House Crock

Senator Max Baucus (D – Montana) released the Senate Finance Committee’s version of the health care reform bill today, and Rachel nabbed an amazing exclusive interview.

No, not with Baucus. Just watch.

Moment by Moment

Here’s a Moment of Geek and a Cocktail Moment one after the other, because after you see the first one you’ll need the second.

Especially since at least one of those robots is clearly from the Tom Selleck/Gene Simmons movie Runaway.


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