Jane Lynch dishes the dirt on Sue Sylvester


It seems strange to say that Fox is airing only the third episode of Glee tonight; it feels like we’ve been talking about it — and singing “Don’t Stop Believing” — nonstop for at least a year.

Last week’s long-awaited second episode, “Showmance,” received mixed reviews. While critics pointed out that some of the characters seem a bit one-dimensional and that the lip-synching is distracting, Glee super fans lauded its freshness and Googled like mad to learn the lyrics to “Gold Digger.”

Whatever your outlook on the musical dramedy — from bleak to Gleek — there’s no arguing that the highlight of the series is out actor Jane Lynch, who plays Cheer-ios coach (and Glee Club arch-nemesis) Sue Sylvester. Two episodes in and the Emmy buzz has already started.

I recently attended a conference call with Lynch where she talked about Sue Sylvester’s love life and the awesomely atrocious things that come out of her mouth.

Given some of the things that your character gets to say, you know, she gets to say some truly awful, awful things. How important is trust for you as an actor with the writers and producers that everything that you say will end up looking okay? How much do you have to trust the people on the show?

Lynch: I have to trust them a lot and I do. It’s Ian Brennan and BradFalchuk and Ryan Murphy, and they’re always pitch-perfect. Usually in the first draft, there is something so heinous and awful that we know won’t make it to the second draft because people will pull the plug on it, so they always have fun with the first draft, and they’ll throw things in just to make me giggle or be horrified.

I think the writers love pushing it, and always in the first draft, they always go too far. It’s always like, I can’t talk about skinning a cat. We have to change this, and luckily Fox said we had to change it too, but we’re always pushing to see how far we can go.

At the end of the day, what do you think is Sue’s real problem with the Glee Club?

Well, they’re threatening her power. She reigns supreme over that school and over that particular group. She smells their hot breath on the back of her neck, and she wants to stay as top dog, and they are definitely threatening that.

Are we ever going to see Sue sing?

We don’t in the first 13 episodes; however, I do dance. I dance a lindy hop with Matt Morrison who plays Will Schuester. I’m not a very good dancer, but hopefully in the future, I’ll get to sing. I’d like to do “Rose’s Turn” from Gypsy.

I’d like to know if we’re going to get to see any of Sue’s personal life. Does she have some kind of a love interest?

Yes, there will be a little bit going on. I don’t want to give anything away, but her heart will be touched by somebody, and we learn a little bit about her family life and, perhaps, she’s humanized a little bit. But then, of course, that quickly goes away because she returns to her wicked ways.

We’re going to see, you know, she’s not going to be giving out a lot of hugs this season, but we’re going to see that her heart is actually affected by somebody, and she suffers a little bit of heartache.

Unfortunately, Sue’s love interest is not going to be another woman, but it will be nice to see how Sue reacts to having her heart touched. I imagine she’d rip someone’s arm off while advising him to never touch it again.

I, for one, have really enjoyed the first two episodes of Glee and will be tuning in tonight to (hopefully) love it some more. But then, I know all the lyrics to High School Musicals too. I might not be the best judge of a show like this.

What are your first impressions of Glee? And, really, how spectacular is the mighty Jane Lynch?

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