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Today: Rachel looks at the 9-12 protest, the ridiculous rush to placate lying Congressman Joe Wilson, and the music of Donald Rumsfeld.

9-12 Angry Men

Rachel started us off with a look at the then-impending conservative march on Washington, and good on her for running that damning quote of 9-12 organizer Glenn Beck talking about hating the 9/11 families. Just to remind us all that the man will say anything.

And apparently mainstream Republicans will hang out with anybody.

I think it’s an interesting point that they’re using the visceral feelings about the World Trade Center attacks to draw in people who tend to regularly announce their suspicion of New Yorkers as not “real Americans.”

And do the segment of protesters who were demanding an end to all taxes understand what paid for the emergency crews and equipment that day?

Murder is Still Murder

Rachel gave a brief report on a murder suspect in Michigan who confessed to killing two victims, one of them an antiabortion activist.

Harlan Drake shot James Pouillon, who was known for standing outside of schools with pictures of fetuses. Drake also killed another man against whom he was said to have a grudge that was not related to his politics.

Amazingly, police believe Drake’s issue with Pouillon was that he showed such graphic signs to schoolchildren, though Drake seemed to think it was OK to shoot Pouillon in front of the students who were arriving at their high school that morning.

If the murder turns out to be politically motivated – that isn’t clear yet – I’m hoping that the pro-choice movement will be better and louder about condemning Drake’s actions than antiabortion activists have been about condemning the cold-blooded murder of Dr. George Tiller.

We can’t afford to let the crazies think this is OK.

Violent thugs who seem to be on your end of the political spectrum are not really on your side.

Republicans, as you are (rightly) condemning Pouillon’s murder, please think about that before you sign on to speak at that next secessionist rally with the racist protest signs.

Blurt Feelings

Rachel pointed out that newly famous nozzlehead Congressman Joe Wilson (R – apparently some self-tanner distribution hub in South Carolina) apologized quickly for his breach of manners, but failed to admit that he was completely and utterly wrong during his emotion-and-publicity-based outburst during the President’s address.

Rachel explored the amazing new development that conservative Democrats are actually positively reinforcing his lying and idiocy, then welcomed columnist David Sirota to explain exactly how screwed the public option is if a trigger goes into the bill.

(Hint: You’ve seen build-it-yourself jungle gyms that have been less screwed.)

One More Thing:

Yes, Joe Wilson has gotten to be famous, orange, on TV, and the progenitor of a monumentally stupid catchphrase.

But his opponent for the next election, Democrat Rob Miller, has gotten, as of Friday’s broadcast, more than 25,000 individual donations totaling more than $1 million. I love it when Lady Justice gets elegant with it.

Ms. Information

Did you need the bejesus scared out of you on September 11?

Rachel reported that several government agencies lent a helping hand with that project, as the Coast Guard held a training exercise on the Potomac that involved announcing gunshots over an open radio frequency.

The Coast Guard hadn’t told enough of its own people to be able to properly inform CNN when they called to ask if, you know, Washington, D.C. was being attacked or anything, and apparently also hadn’t mentioned it to the Secret Service or the D.C. Harbor Police.

Looks like Operation Clusterbonk was a complete success!

If you prefer slow, gnawing fear to the sudden adrenaline spike kind, Rachel had you covered there too. Thanks to Global warming, it’s way easier to sail between Europe and Asia.

And soon it will be easier to sail between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Exit Planistan?

Pakistani forces arrested Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan, on Friday.

Rachel wondered why we’re still in Afghanistan when there is no longer a big Al-Quaeda presence there, which is why we went over in the first place.

Well, for that and the edgy stand-up comedy.

Senator Bob Casey (D – Pennsylvania) joined Rachel to discuss a recent movement to send trainers for the Afghan police and military rather than more troops, and the likelihood of establishing a timeline for getting the troops that are there home.

Moment of Geek

Oh, this is marvelous. If the strings of your heart go zing for the poetry of Donald Rumsfeld, you are in luck.

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