Because lesbians love cats


It’s just been announced that Cat-Minster: The CFA International Cat Championship will be making its worldwide televsion debut on GSN–the Game Show Network–in March. Think Best in Show but with cats, and probably a few lesbian trainer/owner relationships on the sly.

You think you’re excited? Here’s what Dena Kaplan, the Senior VP of Marketing for GSN, had to say about it: “‘Every dog has their day, now it’s the ‘purr-fect’ time for cats to get in the limelight. GSN is thrilled to capture the exciting world of top feline breeders putting their pedigreed pets, their pride and passion on the line to win the coveted title ‘Best in Show.’ We believe that CAT-MINSTER: CFA INTERNATIONAL CAT CHAMPIONSHIP has the legs to be an annual tent pole event on GSN.”

If you like your felines a little edgier, take a look at And if you prefer your cats in sinks, check out (Their tagline? “It’s about cats. In sinks.”)

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