Amy Poehler’s fabulous, awesome, very good year comes to DVD


Who can turn the world on with her rap? Who can take a nothing show and suddenly make it seem less like crap?

Yes, it’s Amy — and you should know it.

This has been a great year for Amy Poehler: She killed as Hillary;

killed a Moose rapping for Sarah Palin;

birthed a new children’s show, The Mighty B!;

and birthed a son, Archie.

All while starring in her very own sitcom, Parks and Recreation.

Now Poehler, who turns 38 next week, is looking forward to the Primetime Emmy Awards. She’s up for Outstanding Supporting Actress In a Comedy Series for Saturday Night Live — the first performer from the show to be nominated in this category.

Fortunately, SNL is putting Poehler’s outstanding support in one, easy-to-watch package. The Best of Amy Poehler DVD will be released October 20 — just in time to celebrate Amy’s part-time return to the Weekend Update anchor desk.

If you can’t wait quite that long for some Poehler goodness, the first season of Parks and Recreation DVD was released today. I know the series got off to a bit of a slow start, but by the last episode, Amy had turned her character Leslie into someone I want to get to know better.

Will Poehler’s DVDs become part of your personal collection? What are the chances of an Emmy for Amy?

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