We need to talk about your TPS reports


This just in: Fox has given a six-episode pick-up to one of my favorite new series, Standoff, about a team of hostage negotiators who are also sleeping together. There’s nothing all that unique about the premise, but the chemistry between Rosemarie Dewitt and Ron Livinston is fantastic. I don’t know where Rosemarie DeWitt came from, but in the words of Tim Gunn, she makes it work:


Plus, I love Office Space.  I’m keep waiting for Ron’s Standoff character to take the printer out back and beat the crap out it.

Oh yeah: Fox also picked up more episodes of their stupid Joely Fisher-Brad Garrett sitcom ‘Til Death, and confirmed that they’ll burn off the final four episodes of Vanished online on MySpace over the next four consecutive Fridays. The Ming Na curse strikes again!

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