Ellen and Anne and Men in Trees


Admit it, that title threw you a little, didn’t it? Yes, Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche did the late night talk show rounds last night, but no, it wasn’t together.

Ellen made a very funny guest appearance on Letterman last night, talking about how unfortunate it is her show has been pitted against Oprah’s in some markets (“we’re winning in Papua New Guinea”), and how she had brought her show to New York for sweeps (not North Korea, because “Kim Jong is an Oprah fan”). The evening’s only shocking moment came when Ellen was talking about how she is influenced by movies – Fast Food Nation made her want to be a vegetarian, etc. – and actually made a lesbian joke, saying “When I saw Personal Best, that’s when I made my big move”. And hell wasn’t even frozen over!

Later that night, Heche was a guest on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, where Anne talked about her hit new show Men in Trees, the origin of her son’s name, and how her husband is a stay-at-home dad because her paycheck’s bigger. Anne was amusing and charming, no easy feat given that Craig asked very odd questions and kept talking over her. She did not, however, make any lesbian jokes.

I’m happy for Anne that Men in Trees is doing well. Now that it’s moving to Thursday nights, it should find a bigger audience. It’s not groundbreaking television, by any means, but it’s fun and quirky, and the characters are appealing. And although I like Anne’s slightly kooky character, I’m really digging Suleka Mathew as Sara, the town prostitute, even if she doesn’t get a ton of screen time:

A quick search on Mathew’s name turned up the fact that the actress (who was born in India and raised in Vancouver Canada) was previously the star of a hit Canadian show called Da Vinci’s Inquest, which I’ve never seen. She also co-stars in that cute-looking indie film A Touch of Pinkthat I keep meaning to see. Clearly, I have work to do!

Back to Men in Trees – anyone else like this show? Or have I just spent too much time breathing the high-altitude air on Mt. Rainier? (That’s fancy Pacific Northwest talk for “am I smoking something?”)

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