“Legend of the Seeker” features lesbian storyline on season 2


AfterEllen.com reader Nikki alerted us to the lesbian storyline that will unfold in season 2 of The Legend of the Seeker, a fantasy series from Xena producer Sam Raimi that premiered last year. Based on novels from Terry Goodkind, season 2 (which begins in November) will show the relationship between characters Berdine and Raina.

There’s only a second-long clip of a kiss between the two women in this promo, but the rest of it looks pretty intense as well. You’ll have to wait about a minute and a half in to see the women lock lips.

While it is really much more complicated than I can explain in such brief terms, the storyline is centered around wizards, mud people and The Confessors, or the good guys who make sure the people of their magical land, the Midlands, are kept safe. Richard Cypher (Craig Horner) is a seeker (aka a hero) and one of the main characters, who must venture into other parts of the magical land (Westland and D’Hara) to attempts to defeat the infiltrating army of bad guy Darken Rahl and his army.

Raina and Berdine are both “protectors” of Richard, and Berdine comes out as a lesbian in the third book of the Goodkind series, Blood of the Fold. She she tells Richard that she’s in love with Raina, and that boys never “interested her that way.”

Charisma Carpenter will also be in the season 2 premiere, as an added bonus, so check out where it’s playing near you on their website and tune in Nov. 7.

UK viewers will be getting season 1 of the New Zealand shot show on their Scy-Fy channel this year, so the Berdine and Raina relationship will get there eventually. We’ll try not to spoil it for you!

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