Taking it personally


In the late ’80s and early ’90s, “the personal is political” was a common (and sincere) motto in the gay community. (The phrase dates back a couple of decades before that, of course, and was first used in the women’s movement.) And then, no doubt partly in reaction to the wave of political correctness, it became less and less cool to be vocal about politics.

Well, as we all know, the tide is turning in Washington, and maybe it’s time for the tide to turn on a smaller scale too. I’ve been enjoying Rosie’s outspokenness (both personal and political) on The View, and I think it’s high time more of us spoke our minds about our political predilections.

And if you’re one of those people who claim not to have a political bone in their bodies, here’s why you should get some opinions: All but one (the one in Arizona) of the state marriage amendments passed this week. So now, in more than half of the Not-So-United States, people apparently believe that I — and most readers of this blog and this site — should not be allowed to marry or, in some cases, even form a domestic partnership or a civil union.

Kinda makes me feel like they think I’m less of a person, ya know? Kinda makes me salivate for 2008 and a (maybe) chance at some federal legislation. Or maybe I’ll just move to Mexico City, where civil unions are expected to be legal any day now.

But this week and this weekend, I’m taking just a little time to revel. Good riddance, Rick Santorum; good luck, Nancy Pelosi; and good job, everyone who voted.

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