Feel worthless? Call your agent.


Kirstie AlleyIn a new interview in Life magazine, Kirstie Alley talks about weight, happiness, peace, men, and Scientology. I used to kinda dig her, but this sort of sums her up for me now:

One day, I woke up and thought, You’re old. You’re fat. What the hell are you worth? I hit a wall and became hysterical. Now, sometimes when I cry that hard, I start laughing because I’m being so dramatic. That’s when I thought, Wait a minute. Old . . . fat . . . what are you worth? This is a good TV series.

See, my next thought would have been “This is a good time to get some therapy.” But I do like the idea of laughing at your own drama, and she did manage to do that on Fat Actress. For a little while, anyway.

Speaking of Fat Actress, I hope ABC eventually gives us Notes from the Underbelly, starring Rachael Harris (Fat Actress) and Jennifer Westfeldt (Kissing Jessica Stein). It sounds funny.

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