Crystal Chappell will play the leading lesbian in a new web series


It’s official: After months of playful innuendo, The Soapgeist has announced Crystal Chappell will be playing the lesbian lead character, a designer named Gina, in the upcoming web serial, Venice: The Series.

Little is known of the series other than it is based around a family dynamic set in the progressive Southern California city of Venice Beach and several notable soap stars have signed on to the project including Jessica Leccia, the other half of Guiding Light’s same-sex super couple, Otalia, and Elizabeth Keener (The L Word, 3-Way).

Twitter was aflutter as legions of Otalia fans celebrated the confirmation that Chappell will play Gina.The production team tease that this could be the anticipated continuation of the pairing from the now canceled daytime drama.

The only one that knows for sure is Chappell and she’s not saying yet, but we do have an interview with her coming up soon on, where we’ll get the scoop on Venice and the possible continuation of Otalia.

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