Kourtney Kardashian cozies up to her bisexual friend on E!


On last night’s episode of the E! reality show Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, one of the Kardashian sisters utilized the age-old ratings tactic: The girl-on-girl kiss.

30-year-old Kourtney went out to a lesbian club with Jackie, a bisexual friend she met in art class. The two had a few drinks and Kourtney, knowing Jackie had a crush on her, ended up kissing her friend.

Predictably, like so many other reality show straight women who kiss gay women for the camera, Kourtney made sure everyone knew she was still into men, saying “I’m so embarrassed, I can never talk to this girl again.”

The day after the kiss, Jackie was calling Kourtney “non-stop” and Kourtney said she was, again, so “embarrassed” because “I made out with her. I did not mean to lead her on.”

We’re sure Jackie wasn’t too surprised that once the cameras were off and out of the lesbian bar, Kourtney’s true feelings showed. Kourtney, for those keeping score, is now pregnant with her first child by boyfriend, Scott Disak.

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