“Guiding Light” 8/21 mini-cap: The return of Natalia


Nat is back! She walks up to the farmhouse and smiles. I think she’s happy she doesn’t have to wear those matronly black clothes and ugly scarves anymore.

Father Ray is rehearsing his Sunday sermon, something about guilt I’m sure, and speak of the devil, Natalia walks in. Father Ray asks if Natalia discovered what God wants for her. Better yet, Natalia says faith gave her the strength to figure out what she wanted.

Natalia looks for Olivia at the gym. She really has been at a nunnery otherwise she would have started at the bar. Natalia goes to the Beacon. She bops on the door-gasm calling out Olivia’s name.

Natalia spots Olivia and Emma at the park. Liv turns to see Natalia and labors to exhale. Nat nervously begins with small talk then says she thought about Olivia every minute. Yeah, Liv thought about you, too, between the curious continuity and the gaggle of Goose.

Liv cuts right to it and asks why she left. As if revealing what’s behind curtain number three, Natalia steps from behind the car and says, “I’m pregnant.” Nat says it’s Frank’s baby from just that one time. Well, that’s all it takes. That, and a production team without protection.

Olivia wants to know why she didn’t tell her. Because then it would have been real. That ‘s why she had to go away and think. Olivia says you left me and didn’t say anything. Natalia apologizes. Olivia interrupts and reiterates that Natalia left her.

Natalia smiles and says she is excited about the baby, and now knows what she wants. She wants Olivia. Well, I guess we know where Natalia went on that retreat: Disneyland! Liv asks Natalia how could she leave, rip out her heart, just walk back in and expect everything to be the happiest place on earth?

Olivia tells Natalia she was falling apart but had to pull herself together for Emma. Then Natalia shows up and expects everything to revolve around her. Natalia says she doesn’t it want it to be all about her — she wants everything to be about Otalia for the rest of her life.

How is Olivia supposed to know Natalia won’t run again? Natalia says she won’t because she loves her, and I’m waiting for Liv to say, “You said you loved me then!” But it doesn’t happen, so I’m adding it here.

Olivia touches Natalia’s face and says she loves her and then quickly retreats. She tells Natalia she broke her new, untested heart and she won’t let her do it again. She doesn’t trust her. Liv walks away.

Natalia meets Frank at his house. Again Natalia enjoys stepping out from behind her car shocking people with her pregnancy. This time, however, she is talking to Inspector Clue-doh and she has to draw him pictures of an egg and sperm for it to sink in.

Frank talks about getting married. Doris! Don your red, black, and white superhero cape. We need you. Natalia explains that she wants to raise the baby with Olivia. It’s ineveryone’s best interest. Frank doesn’t agree.

Olivia runs to Josh, grabs him, and lasciviously kisses him. Sex. Now. Help her forget. Forget? That she is in love with Natalia. Huh? What? Oh, yeah, didn’t she mention that? Now Josh’s curiosity is erect, but that’s about it.

Olivia reveals the origins of Otalia. They were going to come out at the barbecue, but Natalia left and they never got the chance. Josh asks if they ever, uh, and thousands ofOtalia fans answer in sedition, “No!”

Olivia begins to kiss Josh again. Knowing Olivia is reconstructing her emotional fortress one sex act at a time, he declines to be her foreman. She needs a friend and he is there for her. He can’t be in the middle of a female love triangle, though most would be taking numbers as if at a deli.

Olivia runs into Frank. They talk about the baby. Olivia croons an oldie but a goodie, you’re a good man, marry Nat. Frank reminds Olivia that he is merely the best-man; she is the better woman. Natalia wants her.

The entire Cooper clan is at Company. Frank and Natalia tell them the good(?) news. Why is that family so damn loud…and annoying? It’s like living in a Faulkner novel. And then the question: Is there going to be a wedding? Nat says they haven’t planned anything. No! Don’t give that carnivorous clan fresh meat.

Olivia walks into her office and asks her assistant, “Keira, who sent the flowers?” Keira? Did Olivia hire Emma’s new friend from the spa? OK, GL, there are more names out there. We pay attention. Olivia reads the card. “I hope these flowers are as beautiful as you are.” A smile, oops.

Liv removes the flowers into the hallway and runs into Blake. Blake admits she knew about the pregnancy all along. Olivia asks again why Natalia didn’t tell her. Blake said Nat was scared. Her decisions affected both of them. At these times perhaps the last person you can talk to is the person you love. Often times answers come from the clarity of space. Good thing Blake resides along its outer limits.

Natalia arrives at Liv’s office with her aphrodisiac-al cookies. Olivia says it will take more than Nat’s sweet treats to gain her trust again. Take your chocolate and fudge off.

Natalia tells Olivia she knows that she needs to prove her love to her. What they have is good even though Olivia refuses to see it right now. Nat is determined and will keep coming back to make this work between them.

OK, where is my “IDK Nat,” and what have you done with her? This is a soap-twin ploy, right? If it is, I’m hoping the casted credentials of twin Nat has same-sex experience, less issues, and is in a rush to be more physical. One can hope.

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