Gee, I wonder why everyone focuses on her appearance?


Ryan as Seven of NineFormer Star Trek Voyager star Jeri Ryan, currently starring in the CBS legal drama Shark, tells FHM magazine in their new December issue that people get so distracted by her looks that they often forget she has a brain – she was a National Merit Scholar in high school, and co-owns a popular L.A. restaurant with her current fiance. She’s also one of the few openly Republican actresses in Hollywood, but the kind that supports gay rights, so we don’t have to hate her (in addition to her lesbian-ish role as Seven of Nine on Star Trek, she had a two-episode stint as a closeted lesbian actress on Melrose Place).

But Ms. Ryan kind of undermines her “I have a brain, damnit!” message when she makes these comments while gracing the cover of the magazine – and an 8-page spread inside – wearing an outfit that definitely puts the brief in “legal briefs”:

Jeri Ryan

We know women can be beautiful and smart, but here’s a tip: if you want to be taken more seriously, try gracing the cover of Discover Magazine, instead of FHM. And probably in a different outfit.

On the other hand, maybe she could still make that outfit work….

Jeri Ryan on Discover

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