Liz Feldman goes to work for Jay Leno


This just out: Super Gay Comedic Genius (and favorite) Liz Feldman is going to work for Jay Leno.

During a press conference yesterday, Leno told reporters that he wants to use his new talk show to highlight young comics. Feldman is one of the chosen few. In fact, she has already taped a segment in which she tries to teach elderly people how to use Twitter.

“I hope we can make some stars in this,” Leno said. “I hope people become famous and get offered shows. If they replaced me with a guy we discovered, I mean, that would be great.”

(Or a gal you discovered, right Jay? That would be great too.)

Feldman Tweeted the news last night: “I’m a very lucky girl. Jay Leno is my new boss. He’s an incredibly kind and generous fella.”

When The Jay Leno Show premieres next month, Leno will continue to do his monologue and other Tonight Show staples, like Jay Walking and Weird Headlines, but the taped segments with Feldman (and other young comics) will take the place of the interviews that occupied the greatest chunk of time on his late night show.

“This is a way to use young comics in a new way,” Leno said. “They essentially go out and they shoot the stand-up piece they’re talking about.”

Feldman is a four-time Emmy-winning writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but in an interview with last summer, she said she’s always been more interested in performing: “Writing was something I would do because it came to me. It was always way more fun to perform. Writing can be really torturous, but I loved performing and coming up with crazy characters and wearing my wigs.”

Now Feldman is getting the chance to take those crazy characters to primetime.

The Jay Leno Show will air nightly on NBC at 10 p.m., which means it is going up against a whole host CSIs, NCIS‘ and Law and Orders, something Leno mentioned at the TCA press tour a few weeks ago: “Do I expect to beat CSI: Miami? No. Do I expect to catch them in the reruns and stuff? Yeah. You know, we might not catch them on the straights, but hopefully, we can catch them in the corners.”

That whole “straights and corners” stuff is all race car talk, but let me just run it through my Lezbo Translator: Can you expect to beat CSI: Miami in the straights? Maybe not. But with Feldman on board, you’ll certainly catch them with the gays.

How excited are you that Liz Feldman is coming to primetime?

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