But can they give Miranda better hair this time?



Sex and the City


OK magazine is reporting that the feature film version of Sex and the City is back on track again, after negotiations with the series’ four leading ladies made significant progress this week (initial plans to make a movie version of the hit HBO TV show in 2004 were reportedly derailed by Kim Catrall’s lack of cooperation).

The press loves to write about how straight women and gay men love this show, but from an informal poll of my friends — and the enduring popularity of our 2004 article on lesbian visibility on Sex and the City – so do a lot of lesbians. And that was even before Miranda Cynthia Nixon came out.

Plus it’s always fun to ask: which Sex and the City character are you (but gay/bi)? I suspect I’m half Miranda and half Carrie, with slight Charlotte tendencies, and occasional Samantha aspirations. But only on Saturday nights.

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