Kate Winslet goes to the small screen


Kate Winslet is a huge, super-talented, Oscar-winning, red-carpet-walking megastar who is on the top of her game. She’s arguably one of the most highly-respected (not to mention naturally beautiful) actresses of our time. Her success last year with The Reader and Revolutionary Road had solidified all of that even more. There’s no where for her to go but up, right?

However, I was skeptical when I read Winslet’s next gig is going to be as a star in a new — wait for it — miniseries.

Yes, you read that right. Now, we know that a lot of miniseries usually feature lesser-known (read: washed-up) actors and actresses, but it’s been confirmed today that Winslet will star in Mildred Pierce, based on the James M. Cain novel, that will likely play on HBO (though that’s not yet confirmed).

Though recent miniseries like Grey Gardens and John Adams seemed to break the stereotype of miniseries basically being long films that aren’t quite good enough for the theater, their stars like Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange and Paul Giamatti, respectively, aren’t quite the same caliber as Winslet — at least in my opinion.

While this news might be a bit shocking, Mildred Pierce does actually sound pretty good. After all, it’s already been made into a film once, in 1945, which won Joan Crawford an Oscar for her starring role.

Also, Far From Heaven director Todd Haynes will be at the helm. Things are looking up!

The story, according to Variety, is about “a bored housewife who gets into the restaurant business, an enterprise that leads to backstabbing, romance and murder.”

Winslet has proven to be pretty great at the bored housewife shtick with Little Children and Revolutionary Road, so she’s an obvious first choice for the role. And as long as she doesn’t stop showing up on the big screen any time soon, I guess we can’t complain about more Kate, right?

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