One more way to enjoy the many sides of Toni Collette


United States of Tara has something for everybody. Literally.

As good as the show was in Season 1, Season 2 looks to be even more interesting for lesbians. Toni Collette hinted in an interview with The Advocate earlier this year that Tara’s personality T may be bisexual.

And we learned last week that Joey Lauren Adams will fall for Tara’s male alter Buck in Season 2, although the gender identity issues surrounding that relationship boggle the mind.

Showtime has good news for those who want to catch up before the next season starts in early 2010. The entire first season of United States of Tara is now available on iTunes. Since it’s a pay cable show, the $2.99 per episode rate is not cheap. But it’s a bargain, considering how good the show is.

If you’re caught up already, take a look at this video of Diablo Cody talking about the Season Finale (spoilers included). It will make you want to watch the whole season again.


If iTunes isn’t the Apple of your eye, be on the lookout for the Season 1 DVD, scheduled for release on October 27.

Who’s ready to download Tara to go?

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