What if I don’t love it OR hate it because I never hear it?


Meat LoafMeat Loaf has released another Bat Out of Hell album. There are two others, you know. Of course you do.

In an interview, Mr. Loaf said, “With a Bat Out Of Hell record, you either love it, and you really love it, or you hate it, and you really hate it and you despise everything about it. Those people that hate it need psychological help.”

This from the guy who practically assaulted Rosie O’Donnell on her talk show several years ago — remember that weirdness? In a 1997 AOL chat, Rosie called it the most embarrassing moment she’d had on the show: “MEATLOAF WAS ACTING A BIT LOAFY AND I HAD TO WRANGLE HIM IN. UUGGHHHHH!”

Be warned, Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Rosie knows how to wrangle.

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